Finding a voice (and a voice and a voice and a voice and a voice)


The Accord will be on the radio/online, reading our poems, reminiscing about 2014, and talking about our next show – February 28 in Kingston – on Finding a Voice with Bruce Kauffman, this Friday.

The first hour of the show will be an interview with Michael Casteels, host of the Interim Reading Series. Want to learn what it takes to start a reading series? How you book readers? How you draw an audience? From 4pm to 5pm (EST), Michael and Bruce will answer just that.

The second hour, from 5pm to 6pm, will include interviews with yours truly. We’ll read poems, talk about inspiration, and say just what it is we really think of one another. You won’t want to miss this.

If you’re in Kingston, that’s 101.9 fm. If you’re online, visit

Want to read along with us? Catch us editing poems we’ve already published? You can still buy our anthology, Five, here.


We’re back….


One more show… one more trip… Kingston, Ontario… February 28th… the Interim Reading Series… sounds about right.

When? Where? What?

Can’t remember who we are? We went on a blog tour, too. Learn about Justin, jesslyn, Jeff, Cameron and Rachael all over again, and then quiz us when you see us.


Shit, they broke the pattern.


From “An Accord of Poets – (Almost) all things in segments of five” by Emma Cullen (Trent Arthur, Nov 3 2014):

The event was inspirational; but also bittersweet, as it was the last stop on the tour. Each poet stood and expressed their gratitude for the support they had received throughout the experience, then read beautifully for the last time.

Read the whole review here.



i’m at a complete loss for words. i know that sounds ridiculous on a writing blog, but i’m okay with it. “okay with it” doesn’t even begin to sum up what i’m going through right now. i’m drained, inspired, exhausted, overwhelmed with thoughts, and feeeelings, and i need, need, need to write. i’m going to try to force my loss of words into actual words, which means that i don’t really know how much sense this will make. the last thing i want is to get all gushy here, but just so you’re warned: i’m gonna get a bit gushy.

jesslyn delia smith, “it happened”

oct 14 A-Frame group shot

I woke up today feeling like we had won something-

something huge, complicated, and unique, and now I need some time to unwrap it; unpack.

Justin Million, “I Just Finally Met Al Purdy”

Oct 13 five outside

I haven’t been able to speak, quite literally, since getting home. I did my voice in (#tourplague Jenn says; most of us came home sick one way or another). That seems appropriate since I don’t know how to sum any of it up. Love and gratitude. That’s all.

Cameron Anstee, “#itallhappened”

Check back for more news, stories, dates (?), but til then…

Oct 12 five at table

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